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We started building lures in 2005 and since then have enjoyed the challenge of building and testing all of the plugs and lures we could come up with. We joked that we were part of the R&D team. We took the lures and cast them in different situations and locations and reported back about tweaks and changes that might be needed.

Then we started cranking them out. We have had different people (engineers, marine biologists and fishermen) help making plugs and their knowledge helped. We shared information and made changes to the lures, moving them into production prototypes. One of my favorite things is to introduce a non-fisherman to a lure to get their reaction to a paint job or a natural finish.

As we tested some of our lures, we noticed that it was difficult to tell the weight of them. We came up with the idea to write the weight, in ounces, on the tip of the lure so that fisherman will know how much they can load up the rod.

The R&D team approved. We still hear from people how much this helps them when fishing. We still perform the same routine with new products using our R&D team to get the kinks out. Its a fun game of trial and error as we are “always trying to build a better mouse trap”. We want to make sure the product will perform for you the way it was designed.

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